Primary 4 SA1 & SA2 testpapers

Recently, one of our customers have no idea how is the examination system in Singapore is like, as she has been out of touch of the syllabus for so long, since she is 70 plus. She happens to be the guardian to her only grand daughter whose father is a single parent but is too busy to look after her daughter’s studies.

Besides getting a tutor that meet her budget and requirement, we have got her the test papers which are widely used in our local schools, to help her grand daughter familiarize the kind of questions that typically come out in the exam.

Good things need to be shared. Here are the P4 test papers :

P4 Science SA2 2015 Raffles Girls Exam Papers

P4 Science SA2 2015 Methodist Girls Exam Papers

P4 Science SA2 2015 Maris Stella Exam Papers

P4 Science SA2 2015 Henry Park Exam Papers

P4 Math SA1 2015 CHIJ St Nicholas Exam Papers

P4 Math SA1 2015 Maha Bodhi Exam Papers

P4 Science SA2 2015 Henry Park Exam Papers

P4 Math SA2 2015 Raffles Girls Exam Papers

P4 English SA1 2015 Raffles Girls Exam Papers

P4 English SA1 2015 Nanyang Exam Papers

P4 English SA1 2015 MGS Exam Papers

P4 English SA1 2015 CHIJ St Nicholas Exam Papers

P4 Chinese SA2 2015 Pei Hwa Exam Papers

P4 Chinese SA1 2015 Rulang Exam Papers

P4 Chinese SA2 2015 ACS Junior Exam Papers

P4 Chinese SA2 2015 SCGS Exam Papers




Brain teaser

Join the 9 dots with 4 lines and 16 dots with 6 lines.9 dots


16 dots

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Give Your Child a Leg Up Before School Starts

The frantic pace of teaching in Singapore schools and the change of tack to emphasize the importance of a holistic education has driven many parents up the wall. For with this emphasis, their children are always busy attending either extra lessons or co-curricular activities (CCAs) in school after normal school hours, not forgetting some even have to attend swimming, music or ballet classes (arranged by their parents) outside of school.  Hence, the time that they can devote to their studies wholeheartedly without any distractions is very limited.

During school holidays, students are usually not burdened with so much homework and CCAs, and thus have more time to study and understand concepts and gain knowledge in a less frantic pace.  For the students who are still unsure in their understanding of any subject, what can be a better time than the school holidays for them to study and build up their foundation before they face the new academic year/term!

From our experience, weaker students who are not “rescued” from their poor grades, tend to perform badly henceforth.  This is because the knowledge for each successive academic year is built on the concepts/knowledge taught in the previous academic year.

For students who have done well, they face a different kind of “battle”.  They need to keep up their “scores” in order not to become the “last” in their class.

This is especially true for students in the Integrated Programme (IP) schools.  The IP schools have some of our nation’s smartest students.  These students most often study in an academic arena that is at least two years/grades ahead of their peers.  Under this breakneck pace, an oft intelligent child may not be able to achieve their optimum performance and thus may end up in the last few positions in their class.  Thus, engaging a tutor to help understand better some of the difficult concepts before the next semester starts will definitely help them in not lagging behind in class, thereby saving them the agony and “humiliation” of getting poorer than expected Grade Point Average or GPA for short.

At, we have the experience in recommending the right tutors to suit different needs.  Call us at +65-81382852 for a non-obligatory discussion or visit us at

The Flautist or the Flutist



Most nowadays would have called the sculpture
(picture appended here) as the Flutist but I remember that it should be the
Flautist. I first learnt this word some twenty years ago when reading a
write-up brochure for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. It mentioned who
makes up the different sections and the flautists are one of many in the wind
section. So, I have noticed that how slowly but insidiously we have let
American English with their spelling, pronunciation and usage crept into our
daily lives. We used to spell “sulphur”, but now we use the American spelling
of “sulfur” in all our Science textbooks. With the increasing use of computers
with American English spellcheck, I guess we will be seeing more “color”, “gotten”
than “colour”, “got” in the future. Also, with the popularity of American films
and television series, we’ll be hearing more of American pronunciation than the
British. – contributed by V. Sng.

NTU Euler Maths Competition

The NTU Euler Maths Competition is here again !

Past questions and solutions available at:

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PSLE is over. But, for students who are still doing their studies and need some help in Maths, here’s a useful link that you might want to take a look :

Hope that this will help some of you out there. Cheers

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