Give Your Child a Leg Up Before School Starts

The frantic pace of teaching in Singapore schools and the change of tack to emphasize the importance of a holistic education has driven many parents up the wall. For with this emphasis, their children are always busy attending either extra lessons or co-curricular activities (CCAs) in school after normal school hours, not forgetting some even have to attend swimming, music or ballet classes (arranged by their parents) outside of school.  Hence, the time that they can devote to their studies wholeheartedly without any distractions is very limited.

During school holidays, students are usually not burdened with so much homework and CCAs, and thus have more time to study and understand concepts and gain knowledge in a less frantic pace.  For the students who are still unsure in their understanding of any subject, what can be a better time than the school holidays for them to study and build up their foundation before they face the new academic year/term!

From our experience, weaker students who are not “rescued” from their poor grades, tend to perform badly henceforth.  This is because the knowledge for each successive academic year is built on the concepts/knowledge taught in the previous academic year.

For students who have done well, they face a different kind of “battle”.  They need to keep up their “scores” in order not to become the “last” in their class.

This is especially true for students in the Integrated Programme (IP) schools.  The IP schools have some of our nation’s smartest students.  These students most often study in an academic arena that is at least two years/grades ahead of their peers.  Under this breakneck pace, an oft intelligent child may not be able to achieve their optimum performance and thus may end up in the last few positions in their class.  Thus, engaging a tutor to help understand better some of the difficult concepts before the next semester starts will definitely help them in not lagging behind in class, thereby saving them the agony and “humiliation” of getting poorer than expected Grade Point Average or GPA for short.

At, we have the experience in recommending the right tutors to suit different needs.  Call us at +65-81382852 for a non-obligatory discussion or visit us at


NTU Euler Maths Competition

The NTU Euler Maths Competition is here again !

Past questions and solutions available at:

Why Is There a Difference in Rates For a Tutor’s Teaching Services?

Sometimes, I have customers, especially the expatriates, come and tell me that I am jacking up the prices.

I hope this explanation will erase such negative thinking.

First of all, if this were true, I am sure none of the parents would ever come back to us again.

Secondly, the parents are bound to find out the current market rates sooner or later.

Thirdly, the commission that we collect as an agency is not a lot even if our rates differ by $5 to $10, so there is really no point for us to do so from a commercial point of view.

So, why there are some tutors that are asking for higher fees than in the market?

The obvious reason is that these tutors are able to guarantee that any child will do well under their coaching.  These tutors usually have a very good track record each whereby they have helped many children score well in their examinations.

Another good reason is that these tutors have very good qualifications, for instance they have won several awards and/or competitions, and thus deserve the slightly higher pay rates.

Take another example, in the context of Singapore, an NIE-trained (i.e. the National Institute of Education) teacher would command a higher pay rate than an undergraduate who did not receive such training would. Of course, it does not mean that the undergraduate tutor is less qualified to teach than an NIE-trained teacher; it all boils down to one’s preferences and the ability of the tutor to teach a child well.

Hence, to engage a current school teacher/lecturer, a full-time tutor or an ex-teacher as your child’s tutor will definitely cost you more. Some parents are willing to pay more simply because they want the reassurance that the tutor they engaged really knows the curriculum well.

Another type of tutor who is also be able to command higher pay rates are the specialists.  These are the tutors that deal with only one particular subject year in, year out, and thus, they know the different types of examination questions and solutions at their finger tips.

The rule of thumb is that the pay rates increase generally with the qualifications of the tutors and the level of subjects they are tutoring. Tuition for A-level subjects start at a minimum of $40 per hour as compared to primary school subjects which may start as low as $18 per hour depending on the type of tutors engaged. Appeared on Suria and Ditik

Hi5tutors on Suria has the privilege of appearing on Suria news and Ditik – the Malay current affairs show.
This opportunity was made possible by one of our grateful customers – Mdm Eva who engaged a tutor from us.  As Mdm Eva was formerly in the entertainment line, she learnt from her friend who is a producer, that she would be doing a show on the increase in the number of children having tuition in the Malay community in Singapore, and so, Mdm Eve connected us with her.  In the process, we shared with the producer the Malay tuition scene in Singapore based on our experience.  Though we did not get the chance to have our tutors appear on the show owing to privacy reasons, we were nevertheless grateful to Suria for listing our website on their news.

All in all, we are really happy to be able to help many Malay families here in Singapore with their tuition needs and will continue to do so to raise the education profile of the younger ones.

Start coding young and you may become the next Bill Gate.

Start coding young and you may become the next Bill Gate..

Start coding young and you may become the next Bill Gate.

Coding is a skill which I believe one should start young.  Better still, if you are picking up coding as a child, the world of possibilities is limitless.  The younger you are, the more time you have to master the art if you found that you have the hang of it.

However, in Singapore, most children are not exposed to coding.

Coding as a hobby or the fever of coding has not caught up in this part of the world.
The good news is that the founder of has started this phenomenon of learning how to code worldwide.

Starting Dec. 9, anybody can learn the basics — from Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Angry Birds, in over 20 languages.
Set aside an hour to learn yourself, too.

Striving for a better tomorrow through education

Studying for a brighter future

The Chinese fever is catching up in this part of the world in Cambodia. At the local popular central market in Phomn Penn, a Cambodia girl is studying Chinese to better service the Chinese from China. With the influx of Chinese from China, the Cambodia knows that it’s important to be able to speak Chinese.

She’s taking night classes everyday for 1.5hrs. After 3 years, her hard work has paid off – not only she’s able to speak fluent mandarin but write in Chinese as well.

QS World University Ranking

QS World University Ranking 2013

1. MIT – USA
2. Harvard – USA
3. University of Cambridge – UK
4. UCL(University College London)
5. Imperial College London – UK
6. University of Oxford – UK
7. Stanford University – USA
8. Yale University – USA
9. University of Chicago – USA
10. Carlifornia Institute of Technology – USA
24. NUS – Singapore

Not bad for little red dot to be the 24th among the world’s best

Free online courses

Good news !!!

The world has become a better place with these free online courses:


Kudos to the founders of these organizations and their teams.

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