Give Your Child a Leg Up Before School Starts

The frantic pace of teaching in Singapore schools and the change of tack to emphasize the importance of a holistic education has driven many parents up the wall. For with this emphasis, their children are always busy attending either extra lessons or co-curricular activities (CCAs) in school after normal school hours, not forgetting some even have to attend swimming, music or ballet classes (arranged by their parents) outside of school.  Hence, the time that they can devote to their studies wholeheartedly without any distractions is very limited.

During school holidays, students are usually not burdened with so much homework and CCAs, and thus have more time to study and understand concepts and gain knowledge in a less frantic pace.  For the students who are still unsure in their understanding of any subject, what can be a better time than the school holidays for them to study and build up their foundation before they face the new academic year/term!

From our experience, weaker students who are not “rescued” from their poor grades, tend to perform badly henceforth.  This is because the knowledge for each successive academic year is built on the concepts/knowledge taught in the previous academic year.

For students who have done well, they face a different kind of “battle”.  They need to keep up their “scores” in order not to become the “last” in their class.

This is especially true for students in the Integrated Programme (IP) schools.  The IP schools have some of our nation’s smartest students.  These students most often study in an academic arena that is at least two years/grades ahead of their peers.  Under this breakneck pace, an oft intelligent child may not be able to achieve their optimum performance and thus may end up in the last few positions in their class.  Thus, engaging a tutor to help understand better some of the difficult concepts before the next semester starts will definitely help them in not lagging behind in class, thereby saving them the agony and “humiliation” of getting poorer than expected Grade Point Average or GPA for short.

At, we have the experience in recommending the right tutors to suit different needs.  Call us at +65-81382852 for a non-obligatory discussion or visit us at


More on tuition services Appeared on Suria and Ditik

Hi5tutors on Suria has the privilege of appearing on Suria news and Ditik – the Malay current affairs show.
This opportunity was made possible by one of our grateful customers – Mdm Eva who engaged a tutor from us.  As Mdm Eva was formerly in the entertainment line, she learnt from her friend who is a producer, that she would be doing a show on the increase in the number of children having tuition in the Malay community in Singapore, and so, Mdm Eve connected us with her.  In the process, we shared with the producer the Malay tuition scene in Singapore based on our experience.  Though we did not get the chance to have our tutors appear on the show owing to privacy reasons, we were nevertheless grateful to Suria for listing our website on their news.

All in all, we are really happy to be able to help many Malay families here in Singapore with their tuition needs and will continue to do so to raise the education profile of the younger ones.

How does one study Chinese effectively?

chinese words
Chinese is a beautiful language that has more than 5 000 years of history.

It is a pity that some students give up learning this language as they find it just too difficult. Some children also have a stigma about Chinese which makes it even more difficult for this group to do well in the language.

As a person who excels in Chinese, I thought it is good to share some of the methods or ways to learn this language effectively.

1) Immerse oneself in a Chinese speaking community helps tremendously. As people around you speak Chinese all the time, you will pick up the language almost automatically. However, if you don’t have the right environment, I suggest you join some social groups which have a lot of Chinese being spoken.

2) Listen to Chinese songs. Depending on your preferences, you may listen to folk songs, pop or children’s songs. Choose songs that you like to hum along to and you will learn the words more easily.

3) Add variety to your study of Chinese. In Chinese, you can learn about idioms (成语) and sayings (谚语). Adding such variety when learning Chinese will take away the boredom in studying the language.

4) Practise writing the Chinese characters until you know them well. Part of the rigours in learning Chinese includes knowing how to write the words by heart. I believe there is no short cut to doing this. It takes perseverance and determination. Students should diligently copy Chinese characters and in no time it will stick in the mind for a very long time; except some uncommon words which require one to check the dictionary before one can know how to write it out.

5) Read the great classics like “The Three Kingdoms” (三国演议) and travel back to ancient China. You will be amazed at the wisdom of our forefathers and understand why war tactics like “Sun Zhi’s Art of War” (孙子兵法) are applied in the modern corporate world. “Dream of the Red Mansions” (红楼梦) is another good classic to read up. The events that unfold will keep you glued to your seat for many hours simply because the story is just tremendously mesmerizing.

6) Watch Chinese dramas and news. What better way to learn Chinese than to turn on the television and enjoy the news or drama channels every day. You will learn how Chinese is used in no time. If you are a beginner in the learning of the Chinese language, watching Chinese cartoons is a good place to start.

7) Writing in Chinese is the most difficult part for the majority of people learning the language. Learning to speak is easier. Writing in Chinese requires one to know the prose style, the flow and expressions needed to bring out the ideas and forms. Learning from a good teacher can speed up the learning process. Children can consider getting a good Chinese tutor to come in and correct their writing and learn the know-how to write well. Singapore – providing qualified and reliable home tutors in Singapore

Getting the right tutors through Hi5tutors

Getting the right tutor is every parent’s concern. At, we take pride in our ability to get the right tutors for you.  This is because every child’s achievement equates to our job satisfaction and also serves as a great inspiration and an encouragement to us.  You can be assured we will treat each customer with care and thus, we will listen to your requirements attentively and recommend the most suitable tutor (or the more suitable tutors) for you. We have amassed many highly qualified and experienced tutors who are able to meet different needs. We also  review our teachers constantly and keep our database regularly updated.

Our tutors include University lecturers, teaching assistants, scholars, current school teachers, ex-teachers, part-time and full-time tutors, who are located islandwide.   Our tutors have passed our strict validation tests and their certificates would be shown upon request.

Please visit us at or call us at 81382852.

Should you engage a one-to-one tutor or send your children to tuition center/group tuition?

Due to the fast learning pace demanded in schools, most parents would help their children in their studies by giving them tuition.

When come to deciding one-to-one tuition or sending your children to tuition center, there are many factors to consider.

If your children seem lagging behind in their studies, then a one-to-one tuition would be a better way to help them to catch-up on their studies.  With one-to-one tuition, the children will get the full attention of the teacher, thus nailing the problem area much faster.  Once the tutors learnt about the child’s particular learning style, they can customize the lessons plan to suit their learning’s needs.  Comparing to a group learning setting, the teacher has to cater to the needs of all children in the class thus the slower children get neglected as a result.  Most of the tuition centers also have strict schedules the teachers have to adhere to.  As much as the teachers who want to help the slower learners, they are not be able to do so as they have limited time, as they need to be ready for the next class.

Furthermore, the problem is compounded by the fact that a mixed numbers of children of varying degree in learning speed are learning in the same class.  A teacher in a group setting can’t satisfy the demand needed for the fast and the slow learners concurrently.  If a teacher touches on the challenging questions, the slow ones started to drift off.  If the teacher chooses to focus more on the slower pupils, the quick-learners would start to feel bored and started to do their own things or even “disturb” other pupils.  This is a no-win situation.

However, there are centers who claimed that they do group the children according to the learning pace of the children.  But, most centers need to survive on profitability.  Unless there are enough children to make up the fast and the slow numbers, which allows the center to split the class according to standard, it is rather difficult to cater the needs of both.

If your children are above average learner and love to study in a group, then a tuition center is the best choice.  Happy children learn faster.

Sometimes, a tuition center which is well-known for certain subjects but it’s just too far to travel back and for.  The next option is to engage a good subject tutor to come to the house to teach thus allowing more time for important activities.

With more parents working in Singapore, there’s less time to spend with their kids.  A one-to-one tuition allows more family time as parents will be there while the children are having their tuition.

There are also children who prefer to keep mum about the difficulties faced during their studies hence group tuition is not recommended for them.  Moreover, most children are not encouraged to raise questions during lesson time in most classroom-based tuition – as it takes away the lesson time.

Budget is also one of weighing factors when giving tuition as most parents would find that one-to-one is more costly than a group tuition organised by Residential Committee’s at HDB housing estates. Often, you will find that the fees for 1-to-1 tuition is much more worth it than the fees set at some upscale tuition establishments. Hence, parents need to do their sums carefully whether to pay slightly more to get a one-to-one or go to a tuition center.

In conclusion, whether to go for 1-to-1 tuition or group, the bottom line is that the children must benefit from it – be it improvement in their results, showing understandings of what they have learned and become happier.

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