The Flautist or the Flutist



Most nowadays would have called the sculpture
(picture appended here) as the Flutist but I remember that it should be the
Flautist. I first learnt this word some twenty years ago when reading a
write-up brochure for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. It mentioned who
makes up the different sections and the flautists are one of many in the wind
section. So, I have noticed that how slowly but insidiously we have let
American English with their spelling, pronunciation and usage crept into our
daily lives. We used to spell “sulphur”, but now we use the American spelling
of “sulfur” in all our Science textbooks. With the increasing use of computers
with American English spellcheck, I guess we will be seeing more “color”, “gotten”
than “colour”, “got” in the future. Also, with the popularity of American films
and television series, we’ll be hearing more of American pronunciation than the
British. – contributed by V. Sng.

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