What are involved in the daily needs training for special needs child ?

Recently, we added another happy customer to our list.  Her request was for a special needs tutor to go to her house to train her autistic son on daily needs and motor skills.

So, what entails daily needs training?

Our special needs tutor has kindly shared with us the type of activities he will be doing in the daily needs training. Here is the list:

OT Activities

Long term Goal – patient able to engage, respond and participate in activities within 6 months

Short term goals –

Able to trace alphabet and 0 to 10 with index finger within 1 month

Able to hold pencil and draw straight lines 5 cm long

Able to do matching of alphabets and numbers using cards

Sensory stimulation

Tactile warm and cold objects

Soft and hard

Rough and smooth surfaces

Prickly ball and plasticine


Bells and music





Art and craft

Cut and paste

Using fingers and hands with water colour



Visual discrimination ( mainly on worksheets using pointing of fingers and pencils if possible )

Aim is to encourage use cognitive functions and engagement and use of vision to gain information

Figure ground

Scanning and point

Spot the differences

Memory and matching

Knowing parts of the body

Half shapes and matching


Social skills


Eye contact when spoken to

Saying “please and thank”

Taking orders

Saying uncle and aunty to elders

Activities of daily living

Packing bag

Putting on shoes

Washing plates

Putting on clothes

Tidying room

Brushing teeth and combing

Fine motor and vestibular (overall body balance)

Grasping and pinching with marbles and other small objects

Moulding and shaping with Theraputty /Plasticine

Clothes pegs and clips to strengthen fingers and hands

Weight training for wrist and arm strength

Squatting and standing for overall balance

Threading of strings with beads

Ball throwing and catch for overall balance

Theraband ( large rubber band ) for shoulder and elbow strength


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