How can students from Secondary Normal Technical(NT) be promoted to Secondary Normal Academic(NA)?

According to MOE, the schools have the autonomy to promote students from Normal Technical(NT) to Normal Academic(NA) stream.

I rang up West View Secondary school to enquire and promptly got a reply from the vice principal – Mr Lim.

To be transferred to a NA from NT,  students have to obtain an average 70% on all the subjects.

For secondary 2 NT students who hope to go Sec 3 NA, they have to obtain more than 75% on English and Maths besides obtaining an average of 70% of all the subjects.

Furthermore, the students need to retain one year in Sec 2 NA before going to Sec 3 NA.

According to Mr Lim, this is because Sec 3 NA curriculum is much more different from the Sec 2 NT’s.

Now, what if the students in Sec 2 NT are not qualified to go NA but have to carry on to Sec 3 NT?

Students then have to continue and complete their N level NT examinations.  They will then continue their education to ITE’s NITEC before going higher NITEC.  If their results are good, they can then opt to go to the local polytechnics.

I hope the above article will shed some light on the NT to NA issue.

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  1. sunil

     /  &pm07p;#9786

    worst education system in Singapore! In the first place, they shouldn’t categorise the student into different system. Kids will become mentally tired of the system. Keep the system simple for all type of students. Not sure why they have to complicate every thing for a child to go through; too much of hassle.


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